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im new
Posted 20-Jan-2010 4:40 PM

hi i'm new with modeling and i downloaded Blender 2.49b with the newest Python scripting and Gmax. i want to make mods for this Company of Heroes game but i need to be able to export models into 3ds max 8 format for the program to work. does anyone know if i am able to export models into 3ds max 8 format from Blender or Gmax??

thanks to whoever replies

Tato Dias
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RE: im new
Posted 21-Jan-2010 2:49 AM

You can use universal FBX format to export to any 3d software. The only requirement is inside your project folder create a subfolder called "textures" and call all textures from there before export (and export FBX file in the same project folder, of course).

Project Folder
 |_ Blender file.blend
 |_ FBX file.fbx
 |_ textures
      |_ all textures must be here
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