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Looking for an artist.
Posted 16-Oct-2009 3:14 AM

We are developing a game, which will have sailing vessels. Action time is 15-18th centuries. We are planning to provide players with an opportunity to place different pictures-logosĀ on the sails of their ships. Accordingly the pictures should fitĀ  the epoch (some conventions are allowed).

Logos may contain images of animals, mythical creatures, various symbols, signs and short inscriptions are also welcome. The style of pictures is very close to the tatoo style.

Total quantity - 150 logos for sails.

If you are interested in this work, please, be so kind to provide us with a price list and period of execution of the work.

To speed up negotiation process and attain final agreement, it will be nice if you send us a test work (one-two pictures will be great).

You can connect with us through info@homo-habilis.com

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