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export to .md2
Posted 03-Jul-2008 3:05 AM

Hello !

I'm working on windows XP, on the game Assault Cube (we are modifying this game with friends for a project).
A friend gave me a script to export models in .md2. But this script do an error :
"-- Runtime error: Feature not available: "fopen write mode""
the name of this script is :

I searched in google a solution but I did'nt find. It's why I post here.

Thank you for your answer.
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RE: export to .md2
Posted 03-Jul-2008 12:21 PM

It's a file writing error.
Gmax can't write to file, that function is disabled.
Only printing to listener is available.

If only incompatibility with Gmax in that script is file saving method, than it's possible to modify it to
export to listener.

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RE: export to .md2
Posted 07-Jul-2008 12:41 AM

If you want to open, modify and save MD2 file formats, use MilkShape instead.
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RE: export to .md2
Posted 16-Feb-2009 4:14 AM

Try this script + instructions
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