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cant open it
Posted 19-Nov-2006 9:14 PM
Modified by flaviod On 19-Nov-2006  9:14 PM

i cant open it man it says the interactive 3d renderer initialitation has failed and that i have to check my device seetyng by using the h command line option
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RE: cant open it
Posted 20-Nov-2006 4:26 PM

As I have said it times after times, read the sticky threads before posting anything.

The only reasons I am saying this is that for this particular problem, 80% of the people posting about it, didn't even do a search or read the sticky thread. And this happens like 5-10 times per week !!!

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RE: cant open it
Posted 22-Jul-2008 6:58 AM
Modified by ryoblaze On 22-Jul-2008  6:58 AM

thats just like mine
it wouldnt start up
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