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About the new options/functionalities in these forums ...
Posted 13-May-2005 4:53 PM

As you probably have noticed by now, you now have the ability to add a small icon on the left of your name when you do a new message or even do a reply. If you plan to have a GIF image used for this, be aware that the Turbosquid forum does not support animaged GIF (or any other animated image).

If you find problems realted to the new functionalities of the forum, please report it in this particular forum with a clear understanding Subject line and enough information in your message to let Turbosquid's staff investigate.

This isn't the final looking version of the forum (well at least that's what I believe). So things may still change around here at any time. So problems can slip in and it would be nice to report them so they can be fixed as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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