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Before you post your message, read this
Posted 13-Feb-2005 12:58 PM

Before you post your message, to ensure you get the proper answer the fastest way possible, please do the following steps :

1) Do a forum search on all forums using at least 4 meaningful words describing your problem and use a date range of at least 1 full year.

2) When posting a problem that is either software or hardware related, please indicate the followings to help you better :
- What is your operating system (which Windows, Linux, apple, ... ?)
- What is your video card
- What is your DirectX version (in the RUN menu, type dxdiag and press OK)
- What is your PC configuration (CPU, speed, memory, swap file size,...)
- When was the last time you updated your Operating System ?
- Which Service Pack do you have
- is the problem on a desktop or laptop
- is the problem happening every single times
- What steps do you do to create the problem so we can try to do it ourselves
- Where did you download your GMAX files ?
- have you done an MD5 checksum on your GMAX files like in this thread :

3) If after 1 day no one has answered your message, keep in mind that we do not regularly visit this forum as we are not paid to help you. This is a community forum to have the community help the community.

4) It doesn't hurt to do a <a rel="nofollow" href=">GOOGLE</a> search on your problem. After all, a solution might exist somewhere else. If you do find the solution and it does work, please post it here so you will help others.

5) Try to be patient and civilized if no one has answered you. We do not know all the answers to all the problems.

6) Do not use UPPER CASE when posting your message. Using this for a whole sentence is seen as shouting. Shouting for help isn't civilized.

7) make sure you are posting a new problem in a thread of its own. Posting (replying) in somebody else's problem which has nothing to do with yours will lead readers into confusion and will delay having a proper solution to your problem.

8) Restrain yourself from posting your problem in multiple forum section. They will most likely be deleted by the moderators.

9) Do not use these forums for spamming or any other forms of publicity. Your threads will be deleted and you risk of finding your membership cancelled.

10) Do not advertise for any hacking or warez of any kinds. Some solution involve playing with the registry but only very few ones are tolerated

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