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What others are saying

People on the help desk of @TurboSquid are probably the best ones I've ever worked with...

Kerem Gogus

Just bought a few 3D models @TurboSquid Check them out. Great selection and quality.

Chris Beaudoin

Great support once again from @turbosquid I will soon have my CGI kitchen finished, thanks!

Ashley Taylor

Just ordered a few fancy car models from @TurboSquid for a pitch. You guys make things so easy.

Timothy J. Reynolds

@turbosquid I should NOT be allowed to shop for 3D models on your site, because when I do I go crazy and buy like five. Love the site.

Jonathan Patten

Tools of the trade: I rely on @TurboSquid for my stock 3d content. Nice variety of 3d materials. #stockcontent

Mitch Featherston

The lovely people at @TurboSquid are so nice and friendly! #HappyShopper

Andrew Jinman

How am I just now finding out about @TurboSquid...that must have one big rock I was living under!!


Wow, the @TurboSquid team rocks! Bought a less than satifying model and problem was fixed almost instantly!

Johannes la Poutre