3D Model V8 Engine Fully Animated / Textured / FX -Version 2.2

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Dear Customers,

This is a complete working 3D model of a v8 engine 4.5 L, 520 HP from 1969 1997 .
Fully textured / animated / and FX widouth any use of a plugin! Using standard animation, rigged with bones, IK , and also beautiful standard 3dmax special effects, so that avery average/professional user can use immediatly, widouth buying any expensive plugin.

Modeled in 3D Max, and rendered with standard max Mental Ray ( nothing very sophisticated ) exported with standard max export tool in different formats ( .FBX .DWF and 3DS)

If not used for 3d Studio Max software, the material will not preserve ( as it was rendered with Mental Ray ) but the textures are all there so you may use them as desired. Also note that the animation may not preserv 100 % in those formats ! It was built in 3d Studio Max, and it behave best in the original software. I suggest using DWF and 3DS formats just for the geometry.

NOTE: For the BFX version, I rebuilt the whole animation using standard key-by-key animation. I do not offer guarantee for the animation in those exporting formats, I recommend contacting Turbo Squid support in testing the import FBX scene for your own application.

Note: Tested in Maya 2009 / the materials did not preserve / the animation and model is excellent.

Modeled in over 6 months ( without consindering the V2 improvements ), by a 10 year experience 3dmax modelor/animator, by buying this product you will not be dissapointed, what you se is EXACTLY what you get.

+ 95% of all parts have been upgraded to more smooth and realistic look, added detail to be as close to realism was a must!
+ All parts were optimized for HD render - but no exageration of vertices have been made, all parts are clean and optimized.
+ There are no need for smoothing, everything is as it should be.
+ Every material has been changed to a more accurate, realistic look, soothing for today's HD videos.
+ Tweeked a little bit the animation, for even a more realistic look.
+ Rendered in 3dsmax 2010 using STANDARD MENTAL RAY, nothing fancy. Optimized the renderer for a quick and beautiful result, even for medium performance PCs.

You will get:
- A realistic 3D V8 4.5L engine fully animated and textured
- A 920 objects / 1230 entities / 1.605.474 polygons ( yes, over one million and a half polygons! ) / 1.072.932 vertices destined for professional and average users .
- A fully textured/ fully animated scene using only standard 3ds Max ( no extra expensive plugins needed )
- A full FX animated scene,beautiful standard Max special effects, ready to be rendered
- An assembly animation of the engine internals.

This is the most detailed and acurate model of a v8 engine that is for sale on any web-store.

BONUS A :Get for FREE my 3dsmax HD Spark Plug scene Retail price:89 $
BONUS B:   FREE Engine Stand Scene (for 3d Studio Max) Retail price:50 $
BONUS C:    V8 Engine Mechanism - Animated / Textured / Fx Scene (for 3d Studio Max) Retail price: 450 $
Bonus D:   OIL FILTER Textured / Animated HD Scene (for 3d Studio Max) Retail price:99 $
BONUS E: V8 Engine GLASS Scene (for 3d Studio Max) Retail price: This product is not for sale, it is a bonus attached only at this product.
Download for free 68 detailed renders and - Let the pictures talk for themselves.
----Get yourself a bargain for a third of it's real price, V8 Engine internals that ar
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