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Dec 11, 2012
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3ds Max 2011 Native V-Ray 1.5 sp5
3ds Max 2011 Default Scanline 2011
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Geometry:Polygonal Ngons used
UV Mapped:Yes
Unwrapped UVs:No
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This is a scene of a modern farm ville house with a facade design concept that is hybrid of transoceanic styles like Mediterranean and Far eastern in the vein of famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. With its load bearing piers, curvilinear pergola and Eames Home like colored panels etc this house is a good example of eclecticism:Every work of art represents the combination of a variety of influences.
There are sunlight and several vraylights for simulating a real exterior scene. And render settings are optimized for a quick but high quality render.
The objects are named architecturally so it is easy to work with it. (for merging parts to other files or search in file etc.)
Originally created (designed and modelled) with 3ds Max 2011
This model is suitable for use in broadcast, high-res film close-ups, advertising, design visualization, forensic presentation, etc.
There are two formats of max files:
a) Model is in 3d max 2011 format. All materials and renderer is Vray 1.50 sp5. There are 562 objects, 11 vraylights, 16 cameras and 1 VRaySun.
b) Model is in 3d max 2011 format. All materials and renderer is Scanline.
There are 562 objects, 10 omni lights, 16 cameras and 1 Direct light and 1 Sky light.
All preview images are rendered with V-Ray renderer and default MAX scanline renderer.All the still images and the turntable are from V-Ray render except the last 4 images: They are from default Scanline render.
No Photoshop or compositing used, Product is ready to render out-of-the-box. Lights and cameras are included in the both MAX files and the 3ds format.
Background is procedural V-Ray sky map for V-Ray file and procedural default gradient map for Scanline file.
The grass ground of the V-Ray model is made with displacement map as seen in the still images. But just in turntable, displacement map is off.
Model is built to real-world scale
Units used: Centimeters. Model (altogether, house with the yard) is 7819 centimeters long, 7816 centimeters wide and 1246 centimeters high. The House is 3581 centimeters long, 3164 centimeters wide and 1155 centimeters high. There are two storeys and ceiling of first storey is 370cm high, second one is 310 cm high.
Only the structural part of inside is modelled. No interior furnishing or no interior wall partitioning is made.
There are 3 PNG, 25 JPG and 8 TGA textures. TGA textures are extra and are for bitmap replacement of the procedural maps of MAX like tile map, Falloff map, Noise map etc. Textures and their resolutions are:
JPG files:
bamboo02.jpg 109x1408px
bump01.jpg 1024x1024px
cement.jpg 1014x760px
ceramic rainbow 2.jpg 640x636px
concrete_bump.jpg 2048x2048px
fabric_A.jpg 512x512px
fabric_bump.JPG 512x512px
gras_diff_disp.jpg 1200x1200px
grass_concrete_pavement.jpg 2189x1704px
grass_concrete_pavement_bump.jpg 2189x1704px
green.jpg 137x137px
green_tile.jpg 874x670px
metal_bump.jpg 900x465px
opacity01.jpg 338x477px
red_granite_mahogany.jpg 600x500px
roof_tile_displace.jpg 874x670px
roof_tile_specular.jpg 874x670px
seat_fabric_displace.jpg 1024x1024px
stone fence diff.jpg 1020x740px
stone.jpg 1000x1000px
stone_bump.jpg 1000x1000px
Stone_main.jpg 1024x1024px
Stone_main_bump.jpg 1024x1024px
stone2.jpg 4000x4000px
wood2.jpg 800x800px
PNG files:
roller_mat_bump.png 4000x4800px
roller_mat_diffuse.png 4000x4800px
roller_mat_specular_glossiness.png 4000x4800px
TGA files:
bump_map_tile_curb_Tiles.tga 109x1408px
curb_tiles_Tiles.tga and other 6 TGA files are 512x512px
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