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Apr 20, 2011
This model is an incredible feat in terms of the astonishing amount of detail, both in terms of the geometry, and the amount of detail in the maps used in textures. The documentation is also superb, and combined with the model itself makes it work as a reference work on the Saturn V, not just a model - I wish all documentation was as comprehensive. The coverage of differences between the Saturn V''s used for differeing Apollo missions is also excellent.It''s not quite perfect - I think that user
Oct 13, 2011
Detail is amazing, not to easy to work with the OBJs (for Maya)
This is a High Definition accurate scale model of the Saturn V Launch Vehicle and Apollo Spacecraft that first took man around the moon in December 1968 (Lunar Module not included).

Please also download and read the 'Saturn Apollo Reference Guide' - PDF for in depth information about this model.

Modeled with precision using detailed 1:48 scale blueprints and extensive photographic research spanning over a year.

Separate stages (including complex thrust structure detail and fully gimbaled engines) enable realistic animation of staging through from launch to Trans-Lunar Injection. Separate models are also included for re-entry of Command Module and all Earth Landing Systems, including morph targets for drogue, pilot and main parachutes.

317 high resolution texture and bump maps (scaled at 3 pixels per real size inch for main model) for down to the rivet detail. Additional decals scaled at 12 pixels/inch and high resolution decal maps (48 pixels/inch) for Command and Service Modules).

Interchangeable object layers and textures enable all variations of the 10 manned Saturn Apollo missions (Apollo 8 - 17) to be built (Lunar Module not included), including both old and new style insulation on the second stage and EVA handles on later CSMs. Movable parts include full deployment of the Service Module High Gain Antenna and EVA floodlight (not present on Apollo 8).

Saturn Apollo (8) Launch Vehicle (all details): 982,615 polygons.
LW Scene files (including morph targets) of Launch and re-entry presets.

Modeled with LightWave 9.0

2 GB minimum RAM recommended


15th June 2013

This model features in the 3D movie 'Legend of Apollo' showing at the London Science Museum
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