Apollo Command Module ELS

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Jan 28, 2010
Fantastically detailed capsule and parachutes! The artist is very accessible and offered generous support when I had some questions.
This is a High Definition 3D model of the post reentry Apollo Command Module including all Parachutes and Earth Landing Systems. Jettison of the upper heatshield along with deployment of Drogue, Pilot and Main Parachutes, recovery beacon and inflatable uprighting floatation bags enable the mission's climactic splashdown into the Pacific to be rendered and animated step by step in exacting detail.            

Using detailed blueprints and extensive photographic research, the model parts are accurately scaled with authentic colour and bump maps depicting the deeply etched scars of reentry on the capsule.

The ELS sequence kicks in at about 24,000 feet with the heatshield jettison and the drogue chutes are deployed which slow the plummeting CM from a speed of 325mph. After these chutes are released, 3 pilot chutes are fired horizontally outward by mortars which in turn pull out the main chutes. The large striped iconic Ringsail parachutes, developed by Northrop-Ventura, are deployed at 10,000 feet to reduce the speed of the falling spacecraft from 175 miles per hour to 22 mph upon impact with the water. These parachutes initially open in a balloon-like (reefed) state, before line cutters allow the canopy to disreef in 2 stages to full inflation.

The LightWave version of this model has preset morph targets for the parachute and uprighting bags deployment. For customers using other 3D applications, they can download the free LightWave Discovery version to view the LightWave Scene files morph setup and apply it to their preferred 3D package.

Modeled with Lightwave 9.0


16th January 2010

New morph target models (obj format) added for non-Lightwave customers to re-build all 3 parachute deployment morphs in other 3D applications. Please download new Accompanying Product Files.

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