Emmer Wheat Fields Poser DAZ VFX Animation

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Cinema 4D C4D6to12 Default Scanline C4D+VUE+Ps
Cinema 4D AddPack Default Scanline C4D+VUE
Cinema 4D AdvTutoria Default Scanline C4D+VUE
Vue VUE6to9
Other UVMaps
Other AlphaPlA
Poser PsrDAZ
3DS 3DSAnim
Other AlphaPlB
Other 8Tutorial
3D Model Specifications
Product ID:610244
Geometry:Polygonal Quads/Tris
UV Mapped:Yes
Unwrapped UVs:Mixed
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Product Rating
VUE .Veg Animatable Plants + ECO system [unlimited action/editing only with VUE Infinite Class Products]
POSER Character Rigged and Animated [and for free software DAZ].
C4D-VUE: Still not Rigged/Animated Model
+ 2 30 frames OBJ-3DS Animation.
Emmer Wheat Complete Full Spike, Spikelet, Grain. Emmer Wheat Complete Real Fields. EcoSystem Fields and Grain Piles. Poser-DAZ Characters. VEG dynamic Plants. Alpha Planes. 2 30 Frames Animations. C4D, 3DS, OBJ, POSER, DAZ, VUE6-7-8-9!
For VUE Users: If you need to use VUE .veg files, first check your VUE version has a complete full-license version of the VUE in-built Plant Editor, before using the .veg files of this package.

Emmer Wheat [Triticum dicoccum], also known as farro:
complete Photoreal Spike, Spikelet, Ear, Grain, Leaf, Spikes Groups, Hi-Def and Lo-Poly, ECO Fields and ECO Grain Piles.
With 1 ADD-PACK: Additional 3 LoPoly Emmer
With ADVANCED TUTORIAL: Complete Emmer Fields HiDEF/LoPoly [ for C4D, 3DS, OBJ]

Group Models Cb-Db-Dc [VUE VEG, C4D, 3DS, OBJ] with bent Spike & 8 Tutorials.
Collection of 12 3D Models with 20 Photoreal and Alternate textures.
2 Emmer Wheat Characters ready to be used with POSER [6, 7 & and Up] and DAZ [free Software].
2 VUE EcoSystems: Emmer Wheat Fields [ready for wind Animation] & Real Grain Piles.
2 Dynamic VEG VUE Plants Files: Emmer Wheat Group A & Group B [ready for wind Animation].
2 .OBJ & .3DS Mesh Animations packages [30 frames/models each]

Very useful package for Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece & Ancient Rome Rendering.

Emmer Wheat was one of the commonest types of Wheat used by Egyptians and other ancient civilizations. It was widely cultivated.

Useful also for modern rendering: Emmer wheat is now becoming common and cultivated again, due to its special nutritional properties.

In the package you will find:
1- Emmer Wheat Complete Spike; [1]
2- Emmer Wheat Complete real Spikelet; [2]
3- Emmer Wheat real grain; [3]
4- Emmer Wheat with leaf; [4]
5- Emmer Wheat Complete Spike LoPoly A [2188 poly]; [5]
6- Emmer Wheat Complete Spike LoPoly B [960 poly]; [6]
7- Emmer Wheat Complete Spike LoPoly C Group [with VUE dynamic VEG 3D Plant]; [7]
8- Emmer Wheat Complete Spike LoPoly D Group [with VUE dynamic VEG 3D Plant]; [8]
9- 2 Complete Emmer Wheat Characters for POSER 6 and Up ready for Animations [9];
10- 2 Complete Emmer Wheat Characters for DAZ [free] ready for Animations [10];
11- 3 pre-set Poses & 2 pre-set Loopable Animations [60 frames each] [11];
12- VUE Wheat Field ECO-System with 3 Ploughed Terrain Materials [12];
13- VUE Real Grain Pile ECO-System [13];
14- 2 .OBJ and .3DS Emmer Wheat Loopable Animations [30 frames/models each] [14];
15- 20 Hi-Quality Hi-Def PhotoReal Textures [1200x1200; 918x1024; 865x1024; ; etc.] [15];
16- Alternate Textures to create different types of elements [16];
17- 2 UV MAPS to customize models and create new textures [17];
18- Product Guides to VUE ECO-System and ECO-System Editing [18];
19- 2 Emmer Wheat Spikes Series Alpha Planes [19]
20- ADD-PACK, 8 Tutorials, Advanced Tutorial with Complete Fields [20].

All the Models are prepared Hi-DEF, Photoreal, perfect for any type of Rendering!

Models Polygons and Vertices [VUE and 3DS] for C4D, OBJ and POSER Polygons are [ca /2]:
NATURE Emmer Wheat [195324; 112831]
LoPoly A [3760;2521]
LoPoly B [1848;1139]

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