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Elisha Rigged

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Maya 2015 mental ray
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3D Model Specifications
Product ID:841566
Geometry:Polygonal Quads/Tris
UV Mapped:Yes
Unwrapped UVs:Yes, non-overlapping
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Realistic female model with SSS materials.
Ready to animate and render.

- - Features - -

Mainly quad topology.

Displacement Mapping for close up detail.

Intuitive scene set up.

User friendly and intuitive animation controls.

Realistic anatomy.

178 cm tall (with shoes) in world units.

Combination of blendshapes and skeleton rig for facial animation.

Easily customise the facial animation further, or create your own set up.

Separate mouth animation rig set up.

Individual tongue control.

Makeup up options x3.

Maya nDynamic Hair set up for most situations with collision spheres (legacy caching recommended).

Subsurface Scatter Skin Shaders on main objects.

-- Textures --

Epidermal (6000), Subdermal (2048), Specular (6000), Normal Map (6000), Displacement (4096)
Makeup Colour (6000), accessible through colour gain of SSS shader and can be adjusted in intensity.

Colour (2048), Epidermal (2048), Subdermal (1024), Backscatter (1024), Displacement (2048), Specular (2048)

3 Eye Colours (2048), Subdermal (2048), Backscatter (1024), Bump (2048)

Dress :-
7 Colours (2048), Displacement (2048)

Transparency (1024)

Textures are mainly JPEG files unless they are displacement maps which are TIFF 16bit.

-- Animation --

Rigged with standard Human biped IK.

Can be used in motion capture.

Fully tested rig through full range of movements.

Intuitive face and mouth controls provide a range of facial expressions.

Blendshapes included, with the head as a separate object.

Separate layers for main objects for optimum playback of chosen geometry, particularly eyelashes and eyebrows, which only need to be viewed at render time.

Subdivision surfaces are used for displacement mapping and these are on separate layers for either rendering or playback animation.

I have included the standing pose as shown in the renders. Frame 1 has the key framed bind pose.

-- Animated Polygon objects, Zero Subdivisions --

Body (19050)
Mouth (8132)
Eyes Cornea (380) x2
Eyeball (210) x2
Eyelashes (4512)
Eyebrows (17127)
Dress (3190)
Briefs (886)
Shoes (12128)

All polygon objects are ready to render at either 1 or 2 subdivision levels.

Feel free to view the additional renders in the downloads section.

Any questions on anything I can help with, please leave a message through support.
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