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Aug 18, 2012
Nice build and good value for the price.
The predecessor of the Hawker Hurricane, the Hawker Fury first flew on March 25th, 1931. The Fury was popular among its pilots, it was responsive and light on the controls, and had a great rate of climb. It was also the first RAF fighter to exceed 322kph/200mph. There were two versions the Mk I and Mk II.

The Hawker Fury served as the main fighter in the RAF during the mid 1930s. The last Furies served in the front lines of the RAF until 1937, when they were replaced by the Gloster Gladiator. They however still served as trainers when WWII began.

The Hawker Fury was exported to many countries, and some of these still saw action in 1941.

The model included in this package is a Mk I Hawker Fury, and its textures represent the Fury K 1930. This plane makes many appearances at British airshows.

The product includes:

The model 'Hawker Fury K 1930':
-Detailed Exterior
-Textures (Image and Bump Maps)
-Parts are already parented and pivot points are arranged
-Basic Cockpit Details (not textured) include Control Stick, Rudder Pedals, Mixture and Throttle controls, Compass, and Gauges
-Moving Parts include: Control Stick, Rudder Pedals, Mixture and Throttle controls, Compass, Machine Gun Cocking Handles, Propeller, Ailerons, Wheels, Elevator, and Rudder

A scene file 'Hawker Fury K1930 Rigged':
-The model is rigged and ready for animation
-Uses Follower Modifiers to control the Ailerons, Elevator and Rudder using the Control Stick and Rudder Pedals like a real aircraft
-By simply selecting the Control Stick or Rudder Pedals and rotating them, the Ailerons, Elevator and Rudder will also move. Only one object needs to be used to animated four parts
- Limits have been placed so specific parts rotate only on specific axis, for example the Wheels will only rotate on the Pitch axis, and the Propeller will only rotate around its Bank axis. Parts like the Control Stick, Rudder Pedals, Throttle and Mixture controls, and Machine Gun Handles are limited to only rotate a set amount of degrees so when animating you do not have to worry about over rotating or parts colliding or passing through others

Also Included are:
-The texture BMP files and the original EPS UV files, so you can make your own Textures
-A document including instructions on how to rig the model with the Follower Modifiers and Limits, so that you may have the same functionality in your own scenes.
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