compass wood 3ds - Compass... by 3pix

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by 3pix
compass wood 3ds - Compass... by 3pix
compass wood 3ds - Compass... by 3pix
compass wood 3ds - Compass... by 3pix
compass wood 3ds - Compass... by 3pix
compass wood 3ds - Compass... by 3pix
Nice simple old style compass provided with both standard and Mental Ray materials. Standard materials use the max gold, I had altered it in mental ray, I prefer it to look more like dark pewter.

The mental ray version uses a DGS material for the face and wood, giving it a nice lacquered look. Glass uses a dielectric shader with caustics turned on. I opted out of creating a convex cover, didn’t want to distort the face when rendering. Metal lume shader for the accent metal, easy to change it to gold or silver if desired.
Included my mentalray still setup which consists of two area lights, phototable backdrop and an enclosing cube to limit the photon trace. I have also colored the walls and use them for subtle reflective light when I want to add a bit more interest to products I render that by themselves aren’t that interesting to look at (kick the photons way up, and add gloss/specular to the wall materials, add color to grey walls as you like).

Note in mental ray setup, I keep my exposure a bit flat, I prefer to tweak after render, just change the exposure settings in the environment dialogue if you want to render brigher and with more contrast.

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CompassMray.mat 61 KB
MAX mental ray materials
CompassStandard.mat 50 KB
MAX standard materials 166 KB
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