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Greek Architecture Objects

for Cinema4D® Users (v9.6 or higher)

Fully texturised objects of the Greek architecture

For the construction of the Greek temples the programme offers 11 different columns, 5 different frame constructions, 1 gable, the complet construction of a Cella, a ceiling facet as well as a gable frame. The collection not only includes the most important exponents of the individual styles but offers them also in the different development states. The transitions are smooth; also stylistic 'crossovers' occur in the developed temples, particularly with regard to the frame construction.

In detail, the following objects are available:

                + greek_01: Ionic column (archaic)
                + greek_02: Doric column (archaic)
                + greek_03: Doric frame construction
                + greek_04: Ionic corner column (archaic)
                + greek_05: Ionic frame construction
                + greek_06: Corinthian column
                + greek_07: Corinthian frame construction
                + greek_08: Aeolian column
                + greek_09: Aeolian frame construction
                + greek_10 : Gable construction
                + greek_11 : Minoian column
                + greek_12 : Minoian frame construction
                + greek_13 : Minoian column (staircase portal Cnossos)
                + greek_14 : Cella
                + greek_15 : Roof frame
                + greek_16 : Doric column (early)
                + greek_17 : Doric column (classic)
                + greek_18 : Ionic column (classic)
                + greek_19 : Ionic corner column (classic)
                + greek_20 : Ceiling facete

Although the Greek architecture is partly far younger than the Egyptian architecture there is hardly anything known in detail about the colouring of the columns and walls. Thus all Greek objects (except that of the Minoan order) are displayed with marble texture to allow for this fact.
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