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Our character has recently visited Amsterdam for the first time. One of the psychedelic trip coincided with a visit to Van Gogh Museum in a random way. The effect of stuff ended long ago, but Van Gogh stayed:) She didn't want to part with art and bought a sweatshirt with the artist's print. The girl visited Amsterdam for the first time and during drug trip she suddenly familiarized herself with Van Gogh Museum. Now she understood that it was possible to get high not only with drugs. She didn't want to part with art and bought a sweatshirt with the print.

It is not a fiction drawn in some kind of 3D environment, all of our models feature real living people wearing their professional equipment.

This is a unique low polygon model for closeup and medium distance views in all sorts of visualizations. The models in fact is a high resolution scan made using state of the art capturing techniques.

The model can be used in all sorts of visualizations from architectural to game projects.

Main advantages:

- high-end photorealistic 360 degree scans, state of the art technology used for creation of visual effects in the most popular movies from The Matrix to Avatar;
- a great time saver that helps you concentrate on visualizing landscape, architecture, interiors or whatever you need to visualize;
- technology of the future in use;
- new emerging standard;
- gives professionals an edge - both new technical and artistic opportunities in today's highly competitive market;
- the model is both hyper realistic and has its own story background;
- instead of a dull digital 3D dummy with a very typical face and overall appearance you get a unique character, very lively and beautiful.

Our clients are game creators, architects and 3D designers from all over the world eager to abandon traditional 2D cutout people for their archviz projects and step into 21th century with our ultrarealistic 3D digital doubles.

The scan comes complete with an 8192×8192 albedo color map. Included are 50 DSLR, 18 MP reference images. RAW Scan is Correctly Oriented to 0,0,0.

This package containing low-poly variant.
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