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This city builder pack contains 9 building models. 2 houses, 1 castle, 1 tavern, 1 prison, 1 stable, 1 wall set, 1 tower and 1 gateway, 1 cathedral. So it's everything you'll need to make a decent sized city :D

The models are in .B3D and .OBJ format . This allows these models to be used in Realmcrafter, and can be edited in every modeling software in the world. The .OBJ also allows these models to be used in other variours softwares whether that would be Game development or film making. The models are relativly low polygon wise however the details and the model quality are still very high!

The fort contains a series of coridors with multiple entrances and steps leading either up onto the courtyard or down into the dungeon! The dugeon contains a 4 cell rooms and a large room in the center. So you can fit in a table for where gaurds can watch over the prisoners or even clear a space for torcher machine.

The cathedral will provide a more religious or gloomy atomsphere to your city. Since every city has one by including this model it will only increase your games' or films' realism. It has stained 3d windows and stone arch support collums, with a tower, perfect for public executions :D

Obviously you'll need somewhere to store your criminals and they're not all going to fit in one dugeon up in a castle. This model is slightly bigger than the Houses and comes with a style similar to the dungeon in your castle. It has severall cell rooms each with bared doors!

The houses have 3 different styles to give some variety to stop the 'copy and paste' feeling in your city. And contain such features as 3d support beams and are built so that they don't just look square!

Both the wall and gate way can be used as a surrounding wall for your entire city but they can also act a secondary smaller wall around you castle. The wall allows characters to walk on top, which is very useful if you plan to put guards there. And the Gateway allows passage way to characters so that they can visit your castle! And the tower, there is nothing more weird than having a very long wall with no tower in sight. By having this tower model at your disposal, it will allow you to build realistic walls around your city!

All the textures used in these models are HD and most models share the same textures. This way when you use these buildings together, there won't be an odd one out!

Each model has different poly amounts...
Hut 1- 2516
Hut 2- 3453
Prison- 3149
Castle- 14844
gateway- 4592
Stable- 3244
Tavern- 3802
tower- 2144
wall- 336
Cathedral - 9007

Whether you plan to make a city of the dammed and corrupted or a city of law and order, the City Builder Pack will provide you with everything you'll ever need to build a realistic, good-looking city!
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