Rigged and Animated Young Woman(1)

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Jan 18, 2013
CheckMate Lite Certified
Cinema 4D 14 Native Advanced Render 14
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Geometry:Polygonal Quads/Tris
UV Mapped:Yes
Unwrapped UVs:Mixed
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Feb 22, 2015
The model is useable and for the price it''s certainly okay. But there''s a lot of illegal geometry and holes. It looks as if the model has been optimized from a high rez version with a poly reduction tool.
May 7, 2015
This is a low to medium-resolution real-world-scale model of a young woman. Because she is so easy to pose, we call her 'Posy'.

Posy comes with:

- different clothes
- different hair-styles
- variable make-up
- variable eye-color
- variable breast-size
- a full set of facial expressions (morph-targets)

Most of those features can be adjusted simply by using sliders in the User-Data.

An animation of 'Posy' walking on high-heels and waving to the camera is included.
Also the poses you see in the thumbnails have been included:

Frame 0 = Binding-Stance
Frame 5 = shy
Frame 7 = hurting foot
Frame 15 = on one foot
Frame 20 = hands on hips
Frame 22 = sitting on sofa
Frame 25 = laying on sofa
Frame 91 to 298 = animation (walking on high-heels and waving to the camera)

Poly/Vertice-count for all 34 included objects together = 43991 Polygons, 42543 Vertices
The count for the individual objects can be found in one of the thumbnail images.

All objects with texture-maps are UV-mapped.

Technical Notes:
The model is for use with C4D-R14-Studio.
It will also work with versions C4D-R13-Studio and C4D-R12-Studio (R12 has no Visual-Selector).

The Rig:

The model is fully rigged with a custom IK-rig that makes it extremely easy to pose or animate.

The spine uses an integrated Spline-IK, the fingers use FK, controlled by User-Data-Sliders.
Jaw and eyelids use FK, controlled via User-Data-Sliders on the Head-Controller.

Facial expressions are controlled by sliders on a Pose-Morph-Tag.

There are also some special morph-targets:
Breast-size: you can vary the breast-size. Using this slider will also influence the shape of the clothing.
PushUp: you can vary the breast-shape. Using this slider will also influence the shape of the clothing.
Waist: you can vary the thickness of the waist. Using this slider will also influence the shape of the clothing.
Shoes: you can change the shape of the feet so they won't clip the shoes.
Jeans/Boots Morph: this lets you 'tuck' the jeans into the boots.

General remarks:

All clothing has been modeled to fit rather tightly so you should not layer the clothes. Otherwise the inner layers would clip through the outer ones.
In other words: if Posy is wearing the sweater, take off her bra first. (Don't worry - gravity is not used in this project ;-)

In extreme poses there may be some bit of Posy clipping through the clothes. If that is the case, just delete the polygons showing through.
Just be sure you have a safety copy of the project and don't delete vertices.

A detailed explanation of the rig and some tips on speeding up the view-port while posing/animating are given in the 'PosyRigDemo' movie that you can download.

A 'Visual Selector' is provided to access the Control-Objects and the different clothes to mix and match.
This selector will however not be present if you use C4D-R12; but you can select the controllers in the view-port or the 'Object-Manager'.

Special feature: when a clothing item is not 'Visible in Editor' and also not 'Visible in Renderer', its Skin-Object is automatically disabled to speed up the view-port display.

The textures (.jpg) for 'Posy' are 4096 x 4560 pixels. The textures for the other objects range in size from 600 x 600 pixels to 4096 x 4096 pixels.
Of course all materials and textures are included as well as the lighting and 'stage' used for the thumbnails.
Even the sofa
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