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Shrubs and Bushes vol.2

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Included Formats
Cinema 4D R12 Advanced Render
Other TIF
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Other VOB R8
3D Model Specifications
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UV Mapped:Yes
Unwrapped UVs:Mixed
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This collection contains a total of 30 beautiful shrub models. Five different species are included:

Lilac (Syringa vulgaris), Dogrose(Rosa canina), Blueberry (Vaccinum), Euonymus and Pine bushes. All plants are modeled according to real world sizes and simply can be dropped into place?.

Lilac, dogrose and blueberry come as blossoming shrubs with detailed flowers, some of the plants are fruiting.
Pine bush comes in three variations, all three variations are available as standard model and 'no opacity' model. This means, the materials don´t make use of alpha/opacity channel, instead only geometry is used.

The following file formats are part of this collection: Wavefront OBJ, Vue Object VOB (R8+), Terragen Object TGO, Cinema4D C4D and Vray for Cinema4D (both R11.5+, except Euonymus which is made for R12+).
?Polygon counts (may vary in different appliations):
Lilac variant 1: 133628?, variant 2: 132860?, variant 3: 222041?, variant 4: 497817?
Dogrose variant 1 blooming: 118995, variant 2 blooming: 170888, variant 2 fruiting: 183755, variant 3 blooming: 132053, variant 3 fruiting: 157184?
Blueberry ?variant 1, spring: 71973?, variant 1, summer: 118281?, variant 1, autumn: 118281?, variant 2, spring: 24282?, variant 2, summer: 22986?, variant 2, autumn: 22986, ?variant 3, spring: 9494, ?variant 3, summer: 9157, ?variant 3, autumn: 9157, ?variant 4, spring: 31149, ?variant 4, summer: 47572, ?variant 4, autumn: 47572?
Euonymus ?variant 1: 75623?, variant 2: 99606?, variant 3: 98997?
Pine bush ?variant 1: 101759, variant 2: 255326, variant 3: 235604, variant1 no opacity: 438082, variant2 no opacity: 532778, variant3 no opacity: 616658
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