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Roman Wood Stone Working Tools Collection STL 3D Print

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29 Hi-DEF detailed Models. Reconstruction of Ancient Rome Wood Stone Working Tools according to Science/Archaeo Data. All Models with Valid Mesh Certificate and STL 3D print ready. Real World Scale. Only Quads [C4D; OBJ] & Tris [VUE;3DS].
29 3D Models Collection!
Real World Scale Model [SmartCgArt Real World System]. Quads [C4D; OBJ] & Tris [VUE;3DS].
STL 3D Print Ready Mesh Files with Mesh Validation Certificate. Hi-DEF.

SmartCgArt is Member of Archaeological Institute of America [AIA].

Faithful Reconstruction of a Typical Ancient Roman Wood and Stone Working Tools, according to the Scientific Data and the Archaeological Evidence.

Complete Full Hi-DEF and 3D Print Ready STL files with Certificate!

In the Package you will find:
1-4 types of axes [A-B-C-D];
2-1 common pick;
3-1 common mixed tool pick-ax and adze;
4-1 Typical Ancient Roman Table as seen in Wood-Stone working scenes;
5-1 Typical Ancient Roman Stool as seen in Wood-Stone working scenes;
6-2 types of hammers [A-B];
7-1 Sledge Hammer;
8-4 types of hooks and tongs with movable parts [A-B-C-D];
9-3 measure rulers with Roman Foot [29.6 cm with 12-uncia and 16-digitus] and Italic Foot [27.5 cm];
12-2 types of Saws [A-B];
13-1 Metal Wedge;
14-1 Metal Point Stone Chisel;
15-1 Gimlet;
16-3 Wood Chisels;
17-1 working Bow Drill with Rope NURBS for C4D;
18-1 typical Ancient Roman Plane A;
19-1 Stone Chisel;
20-All Models C4D, 3DS, OBJ and VUE with textures and materials;
21-19 Hi-DEF Photoreal and Alternate textures [2072x2072; 2100x1500; 600x1600; etc.];
22-All Models are 3D Print Ready STL files with Valid Mesh Validation Certificate;
23-SmartCgArt Real World Scale System;
24-Roman Measurement System Table and 3 Help Guide .txt files.

C4D-OBJ are all mostly/only quads
3DS-VUE are all tris

A01AxA [q:1868/t:3280;1642]
A02AxB [q:1586/t:2782;1395]
A03AxC [q:1872/t:3280;1642]
A04PickA [q:1620/t:2924;1464]
A05PickAxe [q:2217/t:3698;1851]
A06AxD [q:1249/t:2302;1153]

B01TabA [q:2302/t:3492;1760]
B02StoolA [q:3044/t:4536;2286]

H01HammerA [q:1244/t:2296;1150]
H02HammerB [q:6774/t:12184;6094]
H03SledgeHammer [q:1244/t:2296;1150]

K01HookA [q:6087/t:12136;6068]
K02HookB [q:8652/t:17204;8602]
K03HookC [q:11458/t:22024;11010]
K04HookD [q:10566/t:20368;10182]

M01Meas [q:514/t:924;728]
M02Square [q:12/t:24;16]
M03Compass [q:1256/t:2360;1182]

S01SawA [q:1648/t:3042;1527]
S02SawB [q:3962/t:7102;3547]

T01WedgeA [q:37/t:72;38]
T02MtPntA [q:42/t:72;38]
T03GmltA [q:9315/t:17562;8783]
T04-05-06Chisels [q:5662/t:10932;5476]
T07BowDrill [q:14122/t:27194;13601]
T08PlaneA [q:6828/t:12096;6046]
T09SChiselA [q:504/t:972;488]

These models are useful for many types of sceneries, ancient sceneries but also modern ones, as for Roman re-enactment.

The Archaeo.Sys 3D series is developing high-fidelity 3D reconstruction of Objects, Architecture and Scenes from Classical Greek and Roman Antiquity.
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