Command Center Office Building with Server Room

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This is a massive, modular, highly detailed office building and command center with a computer server room and pose-able human models included. The entire design is modular, designed as a universal, easy-to-reconfigure office/administrative and command headquarters building using a snap-grid system.

This set includes the following:

- Modular command center interior (including generic displays)
- Modular office area interior (including high and low-wall cubicles)
- Modular server room interior (with easy-to-reconfigure servers)
- Modular hallway system with stairs, balcony, and working elevator
- Reception area with wall lettering (sign) that can be customized
- Detailed bathrooms with fixtures and modular wall dividers
- Full kitchenette area with fridge, microwave, and coffee makers
- Modular building exterior including sidewalks and plants/landscaping
- Modular heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system
- Human office worker collection (pose-able, overlapping ball-jointed)

The central room is a large command center suitable for any purpose - network operations, global business operations, command and control, air traffic control, emergency response coordination, etc. All video displays were created using generic JPEG - to be used as-is or reconfigured for more mission-specific displays.

Cubicle office area is designed as a modular system of cubicle desks and walls that can are set up on a uniform grid spacing system so they can be quickly rearranged and placed using grid snap control.

Computer server room contains a large array of detailed, modular server racks with a variety of individual, removable rack/blade units.

Hallways, bathrooms, kitchenette, stairs, and elevator were also created and placed using grid spacing. Bathrooms include a modular wall/divider system. Kitchenette includes modular cabinets. Stairs and elevator are vertically modular so they can be repeated for as many floors as needed. Elevator has doors that slide closed.

The building's exterior consists of a modular system of wall and roof panels, windows, doors, drains, and landscaping.

Also included is a complete HVAC system with heaters and AC units, blowers, vents, and modular metal ductwork.

Finally, the set includes a large collection of pose-able human models designed using overlapping “ball joint” connections between limbs (right down to individual finger joints) to allow easy articulation/posing without the need for rigging. Included (posed in rooms as shown) are male and female models in business formal and casual attire with an assortment of hair styles and colors, skin tones, and eye colors.

Modeled to proper scale in meters, with a balance between polygon efficiency and good 3D detail at close range. Nearly all objects are texture (color & bump) mapped with a combination of specific and seamless textures. (3DS, OBJ, and VRML exports also use texture maps; DXF, DWG, and STL do not.) Most of the maps are 1024x1024 pixels. Lights are also included (.max file only). Preview images were rendered using Mental Ray, but all scene materials are standard/ray-traced (not Mental Ray specific) and can also be rendered using Default Scanline.
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