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Dec 16, 2009
Jan 20, 2011
Mar 2, 2012
Highly detailed accurate 3d model of an Ocean surveillance ship. Their mission is to gather underwater acoustical data. The T-AGOS ships operate to support the anti-submarine warfare mission of the Commanders in chief of the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets.

Features: The ship is designed to tow an array of underwater listening devices to collect acoustical data. The ship also carries electronic equipment to process and transmit that data via satellite to shore stations for evaluation. The ship, the listening devices and electronic equipment are all part of a system called the Surveillance Towed Array System, or SURTASS.

    Victorious class ocean surveillance ships are built on a Small Waterplane Twin Hull, or SWATH, design for greater stability at slow speeds in high latitudes under adverse weather conditions.
    Impeccable class ships have a hull form based on that of Victorious. Acoustic systems should include an active low frequency towed array, which has a series of modules each of which houses two high-powered active transducers. These can be used with either mono or bistatic receivers.

    Background: Oceanographic and hydrographic surveys, underwater surveillance, acoustic research and submarine support are just a few of the services these ships support. The ships are operated and maintained by civilian contractors. The Surveillance Towed Array Sensor is a linear array deployed on a tow cable. Information from the array is relayed via WSC-6 (SHF) SATCOM link to the shore. SURTASS patrols are 60 to 90 days in duration.
    A contract for the first SWATH ship, T-AGOS 19, was awarded in November 1986, and options for the next three were exercised in October 1988. These ships have the same WSC-6 communications, links and operating procedures as the Stalwart class.
    The keel for the first Impeccable class was laid down Feb. 2, 1993. Ship was more than 60 percent completed when the shipyard encountered difficulties. The contract was sublet to Halter Marine on April 20, 1995 to complete the ship. Planned christening date is early 1999

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