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3ds Max 9.0 mental ray
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Geometry:Polygonal Quads/Tris
UV Mapped:Yes
Unwrapped UVs:Yes, non-overlapping
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Linda - photorealistic female model (v3.9MEU - Mature Edition Ultimate):

=====| USAGE |=====
- Advertising
- Presentation
- Visualization
- Various Simulations
- High-res film close-ups

=====| FEATURES |=====
- RIGGED with skin and biped (15 preset poses and 10 postures included)
- Flicker free animation solution (AO, HDRI - selective color gradient)
- MORPH controlled expressions (lip synchronization ready)
- MORPH targets included for faster edit (104 objects)
- FACE CONTROL v1.0 system (53 control objects)
- SSS (Sub Surface Scattering) materials
- WIRED PARAMETERS to automate different morphs
- 8192x8192 TEXTURES (Color, Overall, Bump, Subdermal, BackSurface, Specular, Reflection)
- 8192x8192 DISPLACEMENT map to highlight smoothed topology details (up to 410912 polys)
- Hair&Fur hair for realistic results
- SPLINE based brows, lashes, nasal hair and private hair
- DETAILED and ANIMATABLE private parts
- HIGH detailed v5.1 mouth and rootless teeth
- Clean edge-loops based topology
- 3ds Max 9.0 or higher compatible
- 8Gb DDR3 recommended
- System Unit: Metric (cm)

- full control of the face (mouth, eyes, brows, jaw, tongue, ect.)
- lipsynk controlled by 12 phonemes
- body control (fat-slim, private parts, nails, ect.)

=====| SUPPORT |=====
- If you have any questions about this model or one of my others, please contact support.
- Ask for custom changes or discounts
- You can update your previously purchased models
- This is the final update of Linda MEU (Mature Edition Ultimate)

=====| POLY COUNT |=====
Linda: - (6,326 polys, 6,257 verts)
Minda Smooth: - (25,162 polys, 25,164 verts)
Mouth system: - (19,794 polys, 21,139 verts)
Morph targets: - (148,318 polys, 149,351 verts)
Brows, lashes, pubic hair: - (splines)
Clothing: - (79,406 polys, 84,803 verts)
All: - (280,593 polys, 288,242 verts)

=====| TEXTURES(45) |=====
8192x8192 (JPG x 15) - Main Body (Linda)
8192x8192 (JPG x 1) - Displace Height Map (Linda)
2048x2048 (JPG x 1) - Jeans
3072x3072 (JPG x 2) - Eyes
2072x2072 (JPG x 1) - Eye Bump
4096x4096 (JPG x 7) - Teeth
2048x2048 (JPG x 7) - Gums
4096x4096 (JPG x 8) - Tongue
1024x1024 (JPG x 2) - Hair Noise Color
512x 512 (JPG X 1) - Eye details

=====| LAYERS |=====
0 (default) - (main body mesh, camera, helpers)
Biped - (rigs of the model)
Bones - (bone helpers for boobs and butt bounce)
Clothes - (various dressing)
Clothes Accessories - (glasses, animate earings)
Hair Body - (lashes, brows, private hair)
Hair&Fur - main hair
Lights - illumination system (+AO)
Morph Control - (animation helpers)
Morphs - (included for reference and easy updates)
Mouth System
Nurse Suit
Red Suit

=====| TIPS |=====
- CenterEyes: Align 'CONTROL-ViewPoint' to 'ViewCenter'. (useful when creating new morph targets, to restore 0.0 values for auto eyes morphs)
- DummyHeadBindCollector (Layer: '0 (deault)') - Link to it every object that must move with the head bone.
- DummyJawBindCollector (Layer: 'System Mouth') - Link to it every object that must move with the lower jaw.
- Eyelids moves automatically to the left, right, up and down, depending on the 'Control-ViewPoint' helper position.
- The mouth system works correctly, according to the movement of the jaw.
- Linda is 173cm. ~42-62kg. young woman, caucasian at the age of 24. Body type: variable. Occupation: erotic model. System Unit: cm
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