KC-767 Tanker Transport Aircraft USAF

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Aug 7, 2011
This model is very rough. The animations are basic to say the least. The landing gear animation is way WAY off. The flaps, slats and spoilers are alright but even those... The texturing and mapping sucks. Worth 200? Not for me.
The KC-767 Global Tanker Transport Aircraft (GTTA) is an early 21st century military aerial refueling and strategic transport aircraft developed from the 767-200. The tanker received the designation KC-767A in 2002 after being selected by the US Air Force intially to replace older KC-135Es
The tanker is currently being developed for use by the Italian and Japanese air forces. The countries have ordered four tankers each. Although its future lies primarily for the U.S. Air Force.

This acurately detailed modelled KC-767 3D aircarft model features many animated items in various modes along the animation line. (note that the animations only work properly with the .max and .3ds formats)

All flight controls are cutted out and the Leading edge flaps (slats) the trailing edge flaps and spoilers are animated. ailerons rudder and double elevator parts are ready to be animated.

Engine parts like fan disk and thrust reversers are single parts. Fan disk, ready to be animated. Thrust reverser has allready been animated for you.

Model features highly detailed modelled landing gear system with actual support beams, shock obsorbers, springs, wheel trucks modelled from closeups photo's. The complete landing gear and landing gear doors are animated like the real 767 gear cycle sequince. The wheel truck has been aniamted hinged forward like the real 767 in the 'landing mode' and in normal state in the 'roll-out mode'

The KC-767 features a main deck cargo bay with opeing side cargo door and both forward and both aft cabin door are also animated upwards disapering in the ceiling like the real 767!

The cockpit has been modelled in low detail with main istrument panel, glareshield and pedestal including flight deck seats. This has been done for improving medium redering shots.

The refuel probe at the back of the aircarft has been seperated and can be animated in any state.

The model comes with high resolution textures from the USAF which can be downloaded upon purchase.

The different animations are in modes with a time line of 100 keyframes

- flight mode - (0) clean model with everything retracted.

- landing mode - (0-80) gear, flaps and leading edge flaps

- roll-out mode - (80-100) spoilers up, reversers deployed and
all doors open.

Model can also be used for MSFS Gmax or other simulator program's.

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