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Blender 2.7.4
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The models is a robot with transparent suit. The transparency of this suit and the form of his head make him look like a ghost. The base of the model is a skeleton of the robot. The skeleton will allow the robot to move and bend his hands and legs. The legs and heads are mobile in places of joints. There are joints at shoulders, elbows, knees, hands, feet, fingers, toes. There is hip which is the base of accumulators and the bridge between thighs and spine. Spine is made out of 8 links and those links are moveable. They are parenting downwards such that if you rotate a link the upper body of this link will rotate with it. There are 'bones' which are bridges between shoulders and spine and there are blades behind the upper body. And there is rib cage, which contains planes with micro scheme texture on them. The last 'bones' are neck and head bone, which is under the head. The whole skeleton has a material which looks like a white metal. The last word about skeleton. The arms and legs are almost of good size, but the hands and the feet are tiny. They are detailed, so that hand could hold something. Also there are six fingers on each hand. There are two thumbs.
Next, there is a good deal of red mechanisms. There are to simulate muscles, however in real life such simulation of muscles will not work. Therefore at almost all the places the red mechanisms are static. But under the rib cage they are not. Because in case that the upper body will be bended, then it will be possible to adjust their length. There are some wires which go through the spine. One pair of them (the upper one) goes to the shoulder, another one (the lowest) goes to the thighs. The other six pairs just go around and return to the spine. The things above the hip are a simulation of an accumulator. The head is made of a head bone, the mesh above it which is for brain box and jaw, and the eyes, which are very simple.
Above the legs and arms there is a transparent surface. This ghost cloth will move and bend together with the parts of legs and arms. There is another transparent surface which looks like a box on the body of the creature. It is bendable, and therefore the body can be bended slightly in order not to interfere the 'cloth'. And there is a helmet on the head, which is of a little unusual shape.
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