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Geo-metricks End User License Agreement

Geo-metricks Limited Commercial License FAQ :
1. Are the images and animations I create using the Geo-metricks models royalty free ?
Yes, the use and distribution of 2D images/renderings/animations created using Geo-metricks models is royalty free. This means that you can use the images you create for whatever purpose you chose and in any file format. You can sell your images, give them away free, make them available for download in the web etc.... The license restrictions only apply to the distribution of the 3D models/meshes not the images or animations created with them.
2. What am I allowed to do with the Geo-metricks models ?
The Limited Commercial license (which is included in the purchase price) authorizes the distribution of Geo-metricks 3D models solely as 'integrated components' within your 3D game/application.
3. When I distribute my game/application, do the models have to be encrypted ?
Yes, Geo-metricks models must be encrypted/protected from third parties and the end user.
4. Can I use the models as part of a 3d clip art/stock library ?
No, Geo-metricks models may not be distributed as 3D clipart/stock libraries or stand alone 3D models without a full commercial license - this also applies to any derivative models in any file format.

5. Can I release my game which includes Geo-metricks models before purchasing a full commercial license ?
Yes you can release your commercial product and distribute up to 10,000 units before you need to purchase a full commercial license.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us - contact@geo-metricks.com

Geo-metricks Limited Commercial License
This is a legal agreement between you and Geo-metricks. On purchase or download you thereby agree to the following terms, authorizations and limitations.
All Geo-metricks models are protected by International Copyright Laws and Treaties.
The Geo-metricks 3D models/meshes/data-sets have not been sold to you they are licensed to you. Geo-metricks retains all copyright, title and interest.
Grant of License
Geo-metricks hereby grants to you a Non-Exclusive Limited Commercial License to use the Geo-metricks Real-Time 3D models/meshes/data-sets ( 'the models' ), at a single business location.
(1) On purchase or download, you are authorized to :
(a) Copy 'the models' onto storage devices, provided that such computers are at a single business location (single address).
(b) Use, copy, modify 'the models', with regards to the creation of your named product and the creation/presentation of animations, images, and 3D models/meshes/data-sets necessary for the development and promotion of your named commercial product.
(c) Use, copy modify, assemble Databases that require run-time access to the 'the models'.
(d) You may distribute 'the models' outside of your place of business only as an integrated component, components of a limited number of copies (10,000) of a single named product.
(e) Use the models in 'pay on enter virtual worlds', 'subscription virtual worlds', virtual worlds that accept commercial sponsorship or advertising, with a maximum of up to 10,000 subscribed users.
You assume full responsibility for your use or exploitation and any and all result obtained from the Geo-metricks 3D models/meshes/data-sets. Geo-metricks does not warrant that the 3D models/meshes/data-sets, images, are suitable and fit, for any particular purpose.
(2) You are not authorized to:
(a) Separately sell, resell, sell as, duplicate (inc. 3D hard copy), collate, distribute, sub-license, publish, market, or re-present - for re-sale or as free objects, any original Geo-metricks 3D model/meshes/data-sets, or any derivative there of, in any known digital file format or unknown digital file format, by any means what-so-ever, invented or yet to be invented, without prior, written permission from Geo-metricks, who are the sole and exclusive copyright holders and no others.
(b) Separately sell, resell, sell as, duplicate (inc. 3D hard copy), collate, distribute, sub-license, publish, market, or re-present - for re-sale or as free objects any, Geo-metricks 3D models/meshes/data-sets or 2D images, renderings or animations created using original Geo-metricks 3D models/meshes/data-sets or 3D models derived from Geo-metricks 3D models/meshes/data-sets - for use as '2D/3D clip art' '2D/3D stock art', and does not authorize inclusion as part of any stock libraries of any description, in any way what-so-ever, invented or yet to be invented.
(c) Use Geo-metricks 3D models/meshes/data-sets in 'pay on enter virtual worlds', 'subscription virtual worlds', virtual worlds that accept commercial sponsorship or advertising, which exceed 10,000 subscribed users.
(d) Distribute more than 10,000 units of any named products which includes Geo-metricks 3D models/meshes/data-sets, without obtaining permission in writing and/or a full, unlimited commercial license.
All other rights with respect to Geo-metricks models not granted in this Non-Exclusive Limited Commercial License are reserved to Geo-metricks, who are the sole and exclusive copyright holders and no others.
The use of Geo-metricks models in any and all applications that imply redistribution will be effected in such a manner that the 3D model's database/geometry is password protected, encrypted, or resides in an executable file and cannot be imported by third parties.
This Non-Exclusive Limited Commercial License Agreement is the entire agreement between you and Geo-metricks, with regards to Geo-metricks 3D models/meshes/data-sets and associated images, and supersedes any and all other communications, written or otherwise. This Agreement may not be modified unless authorized in writing by Geo-metricks.

Full Unlimited Commercial License
How do I purchase a Full Unlimited Commercial License ?
Please send us an e-mail (sales@geo-metricks.com) which includes the following information and we will get back to you a.s.a.p.:
1. The name and address of your Company
2. Contact e-mail address
3. The name ( working title or otherwise) and a brief description of your product
4. List of the Geo-metricks 3D models which have been utilized to develop, or are included in, your product.

Copyright (c) Geo-metricks 1997-2004. All rights reserved.
Included Formats
3D Model Specifications
Product ID:155124
UV Mapped:Yes
Unwrapped UVs:Unknown
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Currently sells 49 products
9 Ratings Submitted
Product Rating
Sep 5, 2007
These models are specifically set up for games, so they're a synch to set up.
Nov 3, 2010
These tanks are great to use and well optimised for realtime wrt both polygons and material usage.
Low polygon 3D models. Polycounts from approx. 80 polygons up to a maximum of approx. 1200 polygons per model
File formats included: .3ds .w3d (shockwave 3D)

Please read the Geo-metricks EULA before purchasing.

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